Justin Meldal-Johnsen is an American musician and bassist, best known for his work with Grammy Award-winning artist Beck. He served as the touring bassist for Nine Inch Nails during their final tours.

Static Thought's Eric Urbach now using One Control Pedals


Static Thought: A band has grown and matured from street punk beginnings into a fresh new progressive take on the aggressive art form known as punk rock. The band consists of Eric Urbach on Guitar and vocals, Johaan Hill on Bass, Drew Cueva on drums and its newest addition Aaron Younce on Guitar. From a collective gathering of influences, Static Thought has been described as a creative mixture of punk, hardcore, metal and indie with lyrics that deal with personal and social issues. Growing out of Oakland California, a city in constant chaos and decay, Static Thought give us a new reason to believe that music can save us all. They are entering the studio this February to bring us their 3rd full length record as we enter into a new decade. Get Ready.

Nate Lopez now uses One Control's Micro-Distro


Nate has been playing all over California for over a decade at many venues including recently Earthfest L.A., Winter NAMM, The Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, Laguna Beach Jazz and Art Festival, Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, Reno Jazz festival, and countless Wineries. 
He has also been a featured artist on radio stations KRSH, KBBF, KVYN and KGGV. 
Nate studied Jazz and Classical music at Solano College, then went on to study North Indian Classical Music at the Ali Akbar College of music.  Over the years, Nate has acquired a broad array of musical interests  and skills, and is always exploring different sounds and experiences.



Richard Lundmark uses One Control's Micro-Distro power supply


Richard is an amazingly talented guitarist from Sweden. His polished style is truly a reflection of years and years of deticated practice. One Control is honored to list him on our website as one of our artists. Let's see how Richard describes himself.

I'm a Swedish musician, heralding from the deep forests of Southern Lappland. 
My style ranges from rock to jazz, from metal to fusion and somewhere in between. 
I've released a critically acclaimed instrumental album (FretDance, 2003) with another now in the making, and I hold popular guitar clinics and workshops in Sweden, Japan, USA and other countries around the world, as well as perform at various trade shows. I've been working professionally as a guitar teacher for well over a decade, giving lessons and producing video instructional material world-wide.



Daniele Gigli is an Italian acoustic guitar player who combines Blues and various other styles to create a unique sound all his own. Although Daniele plays acoustic guitar he uses as many pedals as most electric players. Check out his music at his website and youtube channel.




David Bond is a guitar teacher, session player and equipment demo musician from the UK. Over the years he has played in several live projects spanning across many genres, and his current active projects are Diascorium (extreme fusion metal) and a jazz ensemble. Since discovering the Mosquite Blender pedal, he has been totally sold on the One Control products, and actively promotes them wherever possible. His other studio/live gear includes Wienbrock amplifiers and ESP/Ibanez guitars. Diascorium are set to record their debut album in 2012.



One Control is proud to announce our newest artist on our roster. Leonardo Guzman is an amazing player from Columbia. He is incredibly technical but also melodic. Please check out his youtube channel and lookout for his One Control demo videos in the next few months.

Robb Torres from Trapt with his brand new Crocodile Tail Loop. Robb is a great guitar player with an agreesive style and tone. If you haven't already, check out Trapt.

Tom Quayle is without question one of the most innovative and talented guitar players in the world.  His technical ability is complete equal with his amount of style. If you haven't seen Tom play live before, please do. Tom recently created a video for One Control demo-ing the Crocodile Tail Loop. Please check it out and you can see Tom and the OC10 at the same time.





One Control、世界へ! デイヴ・ウェイナーやジョシュ・スミスも使用中!

日本から世界へ。国内でたくさんの皆様から応援していただき、また多くのアーティストの方にもご使用いただいているOne Control。


ま ずはあのスティーブ・ヴァイの盟友として、数々のツアーにてサポートを勤めるDave Weiner(デイヴ・ウェイナー)の足元に置かれるボードです。頻繁にメンバーが入れ替わることでも有名なヴァイのバックバンドにあって、長年ヴァイと のツアーを共にするプレイヤーです。


右 上にはt.c.electronic Polytune MiniとPeterson Stomp Classicが2台。片方のStomp ClassicにはACOとラベリングされています。楽曲やギターによって使い分けているのでしょうか。その間にはWampler Pedals EGO Compressorが置かれています。

右下にはErnie BallのヴォリュームペダルとMission EngineeringのRewah Pro、そしてRoland EV-5が並んでいます。ここはフットペダルがまとめられていて、演奏性が考慮されています。

左 上にいくと、Xotic SP Compressor、BB Preamp、RC Boosterが並び、MXR EVH Phase90が置かれています。続いてt.c.electronic Flashback Delayがあり、その隣にはEventideの新作、H9が。そしてt.c.electronic hall of Fameが使われています。

そしてシステムを制御しているのが、One Control Chrocodile Taile Loop OC10です。



続いて、アメリカの名ブルースギタリスト、Josh Smith(ジョッシュ・スミス)も、One Controlを使用するプレイヤーの1人です。

これがそのボード。右上にはVertexのバッファ搭載マスターインプットボックスがあり、電源にはVoodoo Pedal Power 2 Plusと、Vertexのカスタムバッテリーボックスを使用。ペダルは全てOne Control Chrocodile Taile Loop OC10で制御しています。

チュー ナーはSonic Reserch ST-200。Loop1にはLovepedal Believe、Loop2にLovepedal Silicon Fuzzmaster、Loop3にLovepedal Tchula、Loop4はワウペダルや他のエフェクトなど、現場によって使うものをいれる場所としています。Loop5にCatalinbread New Dirty Little Secret、Loop6にMXR Phase45、Loop7には自身のシグネチャーモデル、Rockett Pedals Josh Smith Dual Tremoloが入り、Loop8はCatalinbread Echorec、そしてLoop9とLoop10はEventide H9のステレオ用に使っています。また、OC10でH9をMIDI制御しています。




世界的に有名な音楽雑誌、Premier Guitar誌で行われた"Pedal Switcher Shootout"という企画では非常に高い評価をいただいています。







Tom Quayle氏がGeckoの仕様を解説してくれています!